We invest in unique founders with ambitious ideas

Who we are looking for

  • Ambitious

    We are looking for founders with global ambition who believe that their company will be the next giant in the global world, the ones who have an entrepreneurial intuition at the mercy of ethics.

  • Revolutionaries

    People who want to make their own revolution.

  • Forward-thinking

    Forward-thinking companies that create cutting-edge products, that strive to change the way we live, work, and doing business. Companies, that will drive innovation in the next century.

Terms of investment

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Our projects

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    PlayTender has been operating since the creation of the public procurement system Prozzoro and state auctions Prozzoro. Sales. Having absorbed all the experience of cooperation with the market, they decided to develop products with a new approach and convenient solutions for business and government Customers.

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    Energum is a reliable supplier of electricity and natural gas throughout Ukraine. The company is an active participant in the wholesale energy market and meets all legal requirements.

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    We specialize in and implement wholesale purchases for your business, working with trusted distributors at the lowest prices. We are highly experienced that proved by long-term working in raw material procurement across Ukraine and abroad.

    We guarantee open data and transparency of procurement. We own a single database of distributors that helps to provide the best offers for our clients.

    Our advantages:
    • Guaranteed personal support;
    • Open and transparent procurement system;
    • Ability to obtain the necessary information in an easy and convenient way;
    • Provide a high level of security of procurement for each client.
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    Garantiya is a service for the automated issuance of bank and insurance guarantees. The company offers its clients the service of quick and convenient application for a bank guarantee in electronic form for participation in PROZORRO public procurement, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine and the requirements of customers. We will make every effort to ensure that our many years of experience in issuing bank and insurance guarantees will help you achieve success.

    Our advantages:
    • Guarantees without collateral or deposit;
    • Flexible approach and minimal fee;
    • Automatic registration according to a simplified procedure;
    • Guarantees throughout Ukraine without visiting the bank.
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    TARTA is an innovative dessert production. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, many years of experience of our talented confectioners and strict compliance with European standards, TARTA's desserts set a trend in the confectionery industry. Having tried TARTA's products once, you become TARTA - addicted!

    Our advantages:
    • European quality;
    • Unique production and packaging technology;
    • Flexible product range;
    • Trendsetting for the confectionery industry.
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    Aventin is a manufacturer of flexible packaging materials, polymer films, and bags with a decade of experience. The company creates unique products and solutions "to order" for the Ukrainian market as well as countries abroad. Advanced equipment from the world's leading manufacturers allows us to guarantee high-quality products and perform the entire range of work in the shortest possible time. We are already doing what you think is difficult!

    Our advantages:
    • Full production cycle;
    • High quality, short turnaround time, and competitive pricing;
    • Unique foreign equipment and quality control systems;
    • Use of environmentally friendly materials in production.
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    BioTestLab is a leading Ukrainian company for the production and sale of veterinary drugs. The company is certified by the world leader DQS (Germany), and production processes meet all modern international requirements. The company creates innovative products for animal and bird health and also develops high-tech pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies. Responsibility for people, animals, and the environment is our priority!

    Our advantages:
    • Over 30 years of experience;
    • Exports to more than 20 countries;
    • Quality control system at all stages of production;
    • Development of new unique drugs.
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    UBM TRADE is a company that provides high-quality rental, sale, and maintenance services for construction equipment and mechanisms. With considerable experience, its own service department, and true professionals in their field, UBM TRADE provides a solution to all kinds of tasks in the shortest possible time. Our machinery is a rational solution to your problems!

    Our advantages:
    • More than 7 years of experience in the construction and agricultural markets;
    • Own service division;
    • A wide selection of equipment from the world's leading manufacturers;
    • Competitive prices.
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    Amofintech is a Ukrainian FinTech company fully focused on providing solutions for payment companies, banks, marketplaces, and chain stores. The combination of industrial solutions with proprietary systems allows to meet even the most sophisticated needs of its users. The company is working to create a more open world in which anyone, anywhere, can open cards and make and receive payments.

    Our advantages:
    • Simple implementation in business process (easily integration with your business process);
    • Convenient ecosystem for partners;
    • Scale quickly with a cloud-based technology;
    • Own reliable and secure platform.
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    Softbees provides customer-oriented software development and comprehensive web and mobile development services with quality assurance and project management. The company is a reliable partner that stimulates innovation using artificial intelligence technologies. Application of the latest methods in combination with the team's many years of experience, guarantee integrity in the study and implementation of your idea. We value our reputation and are proud of the quality of our work.

    Our advantages:
    • Modern tools and methods of software development;
    • Protection and support of a strict attitude to Intellectual Property;
    • Transparent billing;
    • Flexible service payment models.
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    AISTA is a software development company with unique solutions. Our vision is to automate 80% of the software development process. AISTA will allow you to perform any task many times faster without wasting time on routine, thus freeing up resources for more creative and exciting parts of the process. Our goal is to make the machine do the boring part of your job.

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    Coderfy is a specialized outsourcing company based in Ukraine that provides solutions based exclusively on Aista Low-Code tools. Coderfy developers provide top-notch, on-time coding solutions at affordable prices. The company offers fast, inexpensive solutions and focuses on short-term contracts from 2 to 4 weeks, where it can show quick results and get feedback as soon as possible. Our credo is "half the price and twice the speed!".

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